Front-end Development & UI/UX Design I Shyam Adhikari I TechKraft Podcast I #24

Shyam Adhikari is the Design Lead at Web Point Solutions, LLC, an IT service and consulting company headquartered in Covington, Georgia, USA.

In this podcast we explore his expertise in front-end development and UI/UX Design to understand the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), how they relate to one another, and the various underlying concepts, skills, and challenges associated with UI/UX Design in Nepal and international markets.

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00:00 Intro
00:49 Graphic Design to UI/UX
01:51 Coding Background
02:38 What is UI/UX?
06:22 Apple has the best UI/UX Design
08:38 Why TikTok Succeeds as a Product
09:15 Integrating UX from Day 1 of Product Design
15:08 How much time to spend on UI/UX?
16:50 Misconception in Product Design
19:00 How to manage Design changes during Development
21:03 Why Agile Methodologies work in UI/UX
24:31 Is Pixel Perfect QA Testing Necessary?
27:19 Technical Debt in UI/UX
29:20 Why People Hate Drastic Changes in UI/UX!
34:00 How to revamp UI
38:42 Heatmap Analytics in UI/UX
42:25 Bias in Design Testing
45:00 Designer memes
50:26 Colors in Design
54:35 Dark Mode Design
1:01:30 Why Nepal’s Bank Apps have Bad Design
1:08:25 UI is a part of UX
1:09:37 Icons and Images in Design
1:13:53 Apple specific retina displays
1:15:15 Fonts in UI
1:20:50 Copyright in Design
1:28:20 Asset Guidelines
1:31:35 Placement of Ads in Web Design
1:38:10 Career in UX Design
1:42:35 Best Resources for Designers
1:45:45 Web Accessibility/ Inclusive Design
1:47:55 Outro
1:48:58 Design Hackathon Announcement

Host : Ravi Mandal
Guest: Shyam Adhikari
TechKraft Inc
[email protected]
Web design
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