From Zero to 300K Per Year in Course and Membership Sales in 3 Years as a Chill Entrepreneur

Learn about how one can scale up his or her course and membership sales in 3 years in this LMScast episode with a blue-collar dude at heart named Josh Hall, hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Entrepreneurs can turn their passion into a money-making business with and LifterLMS.

Josh is a chill entrepreneur, a lifestyle businessman, and a family man who was really excited about building an online community. He gravitated towards entrepreneurs and online mentors who are a little more like-minded. He took a counterintuitive approach by signing up with James Schramko, the author of Work Less, Make More. He found that a “webpreneur” sounds a lot better than a web entrepreneur so he stuck with that. His business model is not something that’s negotiable for him to revolve around the lifestyle because he gives importance to time, freedom, and definitely financial freedom.

Josh mentioned a pro tip earlier about how he nails that first impression and makes people comfortable in his membership. He makes sure the members of the community feel like they’re super welcomed. He also ensures that they’ll get community support from other folks. The best part about being a member of an online community is that one can start sharing what he or she knows and help others. He also focused on how one can go to the next level and not be a stressed-out entrepreneur. For example, it doesn’t matter what one uses for monthly training or yearly planning.

Josh considers the current year as the creation year to continue with his podcast and boost his YouTube channel. He will also consider revamping, tweaking, fine-tuning, redoing, and spending a lot of time refining his three years old business course.

You can learn more about his courses at Their support is helpful, so feel free to reach out. Josh is also active on Facebook and Insta. He encourages folks that if they have something to share, to please share it with the world. Make your course, and don’t let anything stop you.

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