From WPF to MAUI: a Porting of a Web-Server Based GUI - XamExpertDay 2021

Session by Daniele Fontani and Andrea Marcelli
In this talk, we will present the real use case of porting a WPF Windows application to MAUI.

The project we present is the open-source app manager called JSOS (https://github.com/zeppaman/jSOS).

JSOS is a tool for creating apps and overcome classical browser limitations. The initial version of JSOS was written in pure WPF with framework 3.1, but now MAUI is there and we decided to take all the advantages of MAUI!

We will see all the compatibility issues and the steps for update the project and this will lead to the best practices for converting projects to MAUI.

#wpf #dotnetmaui #xamexpertday

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