From source code to production

From source code to production
Aulo Rolle and Gianmaria Romanato

Talk at the Web Applications course, A.Y. 2021/2022 (
MD in Computer Engineering (
MD in Cybersecurity (
MD in ICT for Internet and Multimedia (
University of Padua, Italy

How can you be certain that your application is production ready? Sure, you spent countless hours writing and reviewing your code but is that really enough?
You verified and timed your application on your workstation but how does that compare with a real production scenario with multiple concurrent users? How can you determine how much hardware resources do you need to serve your expected user base?

All these questions are extremely difficult to answer unless you implement a structured approach that help you assert the stability of your application under stress and its throughput under load.

The session will first introduce the complexity of a production deployment for monoliths and microservices applications, will then continue with the concepts of virtualization, containerization and orchestration, and will finally illustrate how performance tests can be executed with open source tools such as Jenkins and JMeter and how a precise view of what's happening at run-time inside the application can be achieved thanks to OpenTelemetry.

Rolle Auro - My name is Auro Rolle and currently I'm a senior Quality Assurance Manager with a particular focus on Software Quality Engineering: testing framework design and testing process definition. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day. I graduated from the "Università degli studi di Padova - Ingegneria Informatica" in the 2003. I started working as Java developer, but my passion was for systems control and this was the core of all my activities in the last 18 years: Microsoft Automation System Engineer, Performance Test Engineer, Senior Test Automation Engineer, Head Of Quality Assurance. I earned certifications from majors companies like HP, IBM, Microsoft but I had always my hands on opensource projects: Jenkins, JMeter, Kubernetes that are the state of the art for the testing automation.

Romanato Gianmaria - I am a seasoned software professional with more than two decades of experience in the design and development of enterprise-grade Web applications. I graduated in Software Engineering from University of Padua in 2000 and since then I have been constantly researching and exploring technology trends, methodologies and tools that can help improve the product development process, reduce costs and increase the product quality. I am a hands-on guy, a strong believer in open source, an individual committer at Eclipse Foundation, a proud dad and a hobbyist mountain biker.

About Siav:
Siav is a software house specialized in document management and digital processes. It is characterized by specialized skills gained in the realization of large projects for companies and public agencies, and by its ability to guarantee with own resources the activities of analysis, implementation, customization and support.

Founded in 1990, Siav is today the leading Italian company in the Enterprise Content Management sector, offering software, cloud solutions and outsourcing services for Electronic Document Management, IT Protocol, Workflow Management, Electronic Invoicing and Digital Preservation.

Siav software and services enable companies and organizations to manage the entire document life cycle, simplifying processes and reducing costs, through on premise, full outsourcing or hybrid solutions.

Siav headquarters are in Padua, with branches in Rome, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Switzerland and Romania.

Siav has over 4,000 Clients in the public and private market.
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