From Agency to In-house and How UX Relates To Branding with Mathew Barnes

In this episode of Technically Speaking, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to Mathew Barnes, Senior Art Director of Brand Design at Amazon Web Services. Mathew is an artist in the B2B space and a passionate beer brewer who knows that having a strategic process is key to a successful outcome. Join in and learn how this art director works focusing on the user experience and the edge this perspective gives the brands he creates.

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(00:00) - Intro

(01:35) - Who is Mathew Barnes? An expert designer of brand experiences working at Amazon Web Services.

(03:42) - Moving from an agency to in-house work: How the designer experiences change in each environment and how it shows on the end result.

(06:11) - The user experience perspective: Mathew’s story going through different areas of design and why he focused on consistent brand experience.

(09:29) - The day-to-day to building a brand project: The importance of design teams coming together to cross collaborate and create consistency.

(14:02) - An artist in the B2B space: How art inspires Mathew’s day-to-day design work.

(18:47) - Pairing art with delicious IPA beer: Mathew’s creative outlets and his love for beer brewing.

(21:26) - Mathew’s advice for young designers: “Don't focus on any director title, learn as much as you can.”

(24:30) - What is the future of the arts?: How systems are going to change and cross over to the product world.

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