Free Website Designing Course Without Coding | Part-1 | Damanjit Singh

This Website designing course is different from other courses you see on the internet.

In this course, most of the things I am going to show are straightforward without any detailed description because the purpose of posting this course is to get you started and learn everything directly practically.

There is no kind of theory just pure practical.

I was thinking of completing the whole course in a single video but the course is becoming really big and I don't want to confuse with a lot of information.

This course is going to launch in part on YouTube for Free. Other than the course I have also covered some business tips that will help you to start your website designing business.

Use this time stamps in order to continue your course:

Introduction // 00:00
What is Wordpress // 01:08
Local Wordpress installation requirements // 02:54
How to Install wordpress in windows // 04:03
Access Wordpress and wordpress Dashboard // 09:27
Main Types of websites // 12:01
Header, Footer, Bodyand common parts of website // 14:20
How people afford cheap prices for their website designing services // 14:46
Pages, Blog Posts, Categories // 29:31
Wordpress Overview //34:19
How to use wordpress // 40:13
Website Templates // 51:47
Elementor // 52:34
How to add New Page // 56:21
How to install templates // 59:00
How to edit templates with Elementor // 01:05:51
How to practice Elementor to edit a webpage and // 01:09:44
Test you skills // 01:48:08
Making a website from scratch using Elementor // 01:53:06
Things to keep in mind while designing a website // 02:16:53
How to practice // 02:22:39
What Font // 02:30:30
Colorpick Eyedropper // 02:38:12
Elementor Addons to extend the functionality of Elementor // 02:40:01
How to make Header and Footer with theme // 02:51:20
How to make Header and footer with Elementor // 02:53:19
Making your own template // 03:09:32

In Part 2 we will learn to make a Blog Website.

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