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The latest web design trend is, Designing a website using 3d Illustrations, This is actually the best design trend I saw, The biggest problem is, learning to design these 3d Illustrations, it is kind of a pain right, coz we are Web Developers, not Graphic Designers. so don't worry I got you guys,

Today in this video let's look at where to find these amazing Free 3d illustrations for Web Designs, free means 100% free.
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** Shapefest - 3D Library - http://bit.ly/2N8nKEt
** Slam 3D Illustration - http://bit.ly/3bGJG3N
** Handz 3D Illustration - http://bit.ly/2XW7x7D
** Saly Illustration pack - http://bit.ly/3oRgavK
** Threedy - Open source 3D design assets - http://bit.ly/2KhqaiW
** Businessman Billy 3D - http://bit.ly/3smVzlc
** 3D Humans characters - http://bit.ly/3qj2s56
** 3D icons packs - http://bit.ly/3bV5TeH
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