FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2021: Workshop - From your data to vector tiles in web & mobile apps #1

Welcome to FOSS4G 2021 workshop. From your data to vector tiles in your web&mobile app!
Watch all 4 parts and learn how to build a map using vector tiles.

This workshop aims to go through all aspects of geospatial application development, from data processing, generating vector tiles and publishing, to writing the application code.
We explore using popular open-source projects such as OpenMapTiles, PostGIS, QGIS, MapLibre GL JS, and Native to build a complete map application.

In the first block, we will take an OpenStreetMap pbf file, use the OpenMapTiles project, where we add a new map layer, and as a result of the block one will be PostgreSQL database filled with OSM data

Setup tools
- workshop repo: https://maptiler.link/3mupc27
- create an account on MapTiler Cloud: https://maptiler.link/3zVzXiC
- and on StackBlitz
- get Docker or CloudShell
- install QGIS

Setup OpenMapTiles project:
- download OpenMapTiles v.3.12.2: https://maptiler.link/2Y1VMQi

Continue to part 2: https://youtu.be/vYJ9khIbpQk

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0:00 introduction Adam Laza
3:59 basic solution Petr Pokorny
6:12 features in our use case Adam Laza
7:31 steps to create web & mobile map app
7:41 step 1 Using additional OSM or custom data to enrich the map
8:11 step 2 Add additional application-specific attributes using analyses
8:46 step 3 Implement solution which can handle large datasets
9:43 step 4 Build the web and mobile application
10:20 Organization of the workshop
10:42 Setup tools
13:07 Block 1 Extract data from OpenStreetMap Tomas Pohanka
14:17 Main steps to have Postgre full of data from OpenStreetMap
15:25 Workflow of OpenMapTiles Project
19:27 Download and Setup OpenMapTile Project
24:46 Create an extra layer for OpenMapTiles: mapping.yaml
33:14 Create an extra layer for OpenMapTiles: configuration file
42:08 Create an extra layer for OpenMapTiles: SQL files
52:08 cycleway.sql
1:04:02 Import OpenStreetMap data into PostGIS
1:05:04 Modification of .env file
1:06:41 Add cycleway.yaml into openmaptiles.yaml
1:09:13 Modification of docker-compose.yml - Postgres ports
1:10:27 import OSM into a database
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