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Jechris Olaya, from Pampanga is a Digital Marketing Agency Owner. He was exposed in making money online in his college days taking Electronics and Communication Engineering. At that point, he was not aware that he was doing "black hat" or spam SEO at the house of his classmates' uncle. After that he had more experience and learned graphic and web design,
but that experience was short lived and became a schoolteacher. As the pandemic came, his job as schoolteacher also was cut short but this time doing online freelancing on the side once more. Because of this, his income was not affected by the pandemic, but ironically increased that he was buying real estate properties that time. Now he is a full pledged digital marketing agency owner, registered their company and aiming to go full throttle in making money online.

0:00 - Intro
00:43 - When did you started freelancing?
20:40 - What are your struggles and challenges
27:08 - What are the habits that you developed that helped you in freelancing?
37:36 - If you are to start again, how will you do freelancing?
41:21 - Current activities and happenings
43:55 - Parting words of wisdom
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