Flutter Responsive Login UI - Android, IOS, Desktop and Web | Flutter UI Tutorial - Speed Code

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In this video, we will make the responsive layout for the web admin login page and mobile view login page. In the complete project #raleway font family is used , so for this we will take google fonts package from #pub.dev.

We will learn:

► Responsive Login UI - Web, Desktop and Mobiles
► Custom class for colors in flutter
► Custom class for images in flutter
► Custom class for font family in flutter
► how to use google #fonts package in #flutter project
► how to use #flutter_svg packaga in flutter project

► Source code: https://github.com/flutter99/responsive_layout_login_ui

► Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Package added from pub.dev
01:36 Custom class for app colors
02:25 Start work on login screen
07:32 Assets export from figma
08:04 Custom icon class for app icons
12:58 Responsive widget create
13:36 Make Screen Responsive
15:37 Final output on web and mobiles

So, in this way we can make the responsive screens for app and web by using the flutter framework and dart language.

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