Flutter Payment App | App Development Tutorial for Beginners for iOS and Android from Scratch

Here you will learn how to build a payment app from scratch for iOS and Android using flutter step by step. Flutter payment app building will cover payment UI, payment with paypal and braintree and with backend api. This tutorial also cover complex ui building using stack widgets.

Patreons download the complete code from the link below

Download the starter code from the link below

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This is first part of the series where we covered the payment ui. Payment ui includes home page, payment history and payment page. The widgets we have used are
1. Stack widgets
2. Positioned widgets
3. MediaQuery.removePadding
4. Container widgets
5. TextPainter widgets
6. TextSpan widgets

The concepts would covered here are

1. Building complext payment ui
2. Select with payment options with Getx
3. Make payment with paypal Braintree
4. Backend record of the payment
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