Flatsome theme tutorial - Create an eCommerce Website with Flatsome Wordpress theme [step by step]

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In this Flatsome theme tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create an eCommerce website with flatsome wordpress theme step by step from scratch. Flatsome is the most popular and best-selling e-commerce wordpress theme.

In this flatsome theme tutorial, I will teach you how to import flatsome demo content from flatsome studio and how to edit them using the flatsome UXpage builder. For creating this website I am using elementor as my default page builder. Flatsome theme fully supports the elementor page builder.

I will teach you how to create product categories and product attributes, then I will teach you how to create a simple product and variable products in flatsome theme. I will teach you how to create a banner slider and how to create a product slider and product category slider using flatsome UX page builder. I will discuss almost every element of the flatsome UX page builder. After that, I will teach you how to customize the shop page and single product page by using flatsome theme customization options.

I will discuss in-depth about the flatsome theme customization option. I will teach you how to customize flatsome product page, flatsome blog page, flatsome single product page. In this flatsome woocommerce website tutorial I will also teach you how to customize header using flatsome header builder.

Demo content link:
link1: https://mega.nz/folder/oIgyVaZR#x5gzmV954SSRV0vkqPMc5Q
link2: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dWBhlxYAURd28OEORR_jdSttRvlO88DP?usp=sharing

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Video timestamps are as follow:

00:00 introduction of the flatsome theme
03:46 introduction of the demo website of the flatsome theme tutorial
12:58 downloading and installing local server XAMPP
13:46 creating database in local server XAMPP
14:10 download wordpress file from wordpress.org
14:27 setup file in local server
16:07 link up the database with website
17:10 activating flatsome theme
18:30 set up woocommerce plugin in the flatsome theme
24:50 creating product category in flatsome theme
26:03 creating attribute in flatsome theme
27:36 creating a simple product in flatsome theme
31:14 product now I want to all this product in flatsome theme
34:37 converting a normal product into a featured product
35:06 creating home page for this flatsome theme tutorial
45:50 connect Mailchimp with flatsome theme
54:11 creating a blog post in flatsome theme
55:56 creating about us page in flatsome theme
59:34 creating contact us page in flatsome theme
01:02:23 creating default homepage and blog page in flatsome theme
01:02:36 designing the header using flatsome header builder
01:07:52 creating flatsome Mega menu
01:11:54 creating the footer section in flatsome theme
01:16:34 creating sidebar for the shop page in flatsome theme
01:17:57 designing sidebar for the blog page in flatsome theme
01:21:01 adding UX block at top of the blog page in flatsome theme

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