Finding clients without cold calling (Guide for introverted web designers)

In this video I am sharing with you how you can still find clients as an introvert, or if you are not confident with talking to people or cold calling.


As an introvert myself, using the telephone is not my go to approach, despite it being one of the most effective strategies when selling. In the early stages of my business, I relied on methods that I personally found the most comfortable with where I was at within my own personal development.

So if you are looking for ways in which you can find, approach, and still land clients as a quiet, shy, and somewhat unconfident individual, you can use the likes of social media, emails, and loom videos to stand out. All without needing to cold call.

We also look at what you can do to better prepare yourself for when you do eventually have to speak to another business owner and some ways you can adjust your mindset to go into any discovery call with confidence.

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