Figma Tutorial For Beginners: Learn The Basics in Less Than 25 Minutes! (2022)

This Figma Tutorial For Beginners is perfect if you want to learn Figma and design websites and apps but are not sure know where to start.

In this step-by-step tutorial, in less than 20 minutes we will design a website and an app in Figma. You will learn all the basics to get started and have a design of your own to see on your device as quickly as possible.

In this Figma tutorial for beginners, Award Winning UX UI Design Antony Conboy shows how to start a design in Figma with a template. We look at where to find free images, free icons and cover all the essentials of Figma for beginners.

Did you follow along with the tutorial? Leave a link to your prototype in the comments below

Figma Resoruces:
Figma website -
Figma Template (Dashboard UI Kit):
Unsplash (Free images) -
Undraw (Free Illustrations) -
Undraw (Free Icons) -
Adobe Color:

⏰ Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro
0:24 Figma
0:40 Tutorial Set Up
1:40 Logo
2:43 Color
4:03 Illustrations
6:55 Images
8:45 Category Page
10:17 Mobile Design
15:59 Figma Community
17:17 UX UI Design Process
23:44 Next steps

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