Figma Introduction | UIUX Figma Complete Course | Free UI/UX Design Course in Urdu/Hindi #Figma

Assalam O Alikum!
In this video, I am Goona Telling You The Figma Introduction. Main Feater in Figma and how it is important.
I will teach you UIUX Figma Complete Course | How to design Mobile Apps & Website Design | What's Figma | Free UI/UX Design Course in Urdu/Hindi| How to make money with UI/UX Designing
| How to make a career as a Ui/UX Designer.

The Main Points that We will cover in this video are as follows:
1.Figma introduction
2.figma Complete Course
3. ui ux online course
4. Main Features in figma
5. Benifits of FigmaFree UI/UX Design Course in Urdu/Hindi
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