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Figma is an online graphic editor for collaboration. In it, you can create a prototype of a website, an application interface and discuss edits with colleagues in real time. In this article, we will look at the tools and functions of Movies, popular plugins and tell you where you can learn to work with the service for free.

What is Figma for?

Designers, marketers, managers and developers can work in Figma. In this section we will talk about the main scenarios of using the service and its advantages over other graphic editors.

What projects can be created in Figma

In the drawing, you can draw interface elements, create an interactive prototype of the site and application, illustrations, vector graphics. Many designers make website layouts for Tilda in it.

If you want to work more flexibly with the interface graphics, you can draw the layout in the drawing and move it to the Tilde.


A prototype is a model of a website or application. It makes it easier for the client to assess how people will use the product. To create a prototype of a website, the designer draws screens and creates links between them.

In the drawing, you can immediately show the customer how the design will look on the screen of a smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Interface elements are the appearance of the product. In the drawing, you can create buttons, icons, feedback forms and customize effects: make buttons clickable, expand lists, create animations for blocks and pop-ups.

Program Features:

Cooperation in Figma

Figma has created a unified environment for the entire team to work on the design. This is its main advantage over other graphic editors. Now the developer is always aware of the latest layout changes, the manager sees in real time what is happening with the project, and the customer leaves comments on the design directly in the Form.

Three reasons to choose a figure for cooperation

Cross-platform. You can work in the service from a browser, from any device and in any operating system. There is no need to download additional applications to coordinate the design.


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