FemTech Design Thinking Ideation Workshop

To learn more about design thinking and UX UI design, visit https://www.ideatelabs.co/ui-ux-design-live-course

In this interactive workshop: (1) we will identify problems and gaps with women's products, services and experiences today, (2) we will come up with quick and dirty solutions together that solve for these problems and gaps, (3) We come up with ways to make our solutions more creative and interactive!

Remember, iteration is everything! A perfect solution or app wasn't designed in one day.

The purpose of this session is...(1) to share ideas about femtech topics you are passionate about, (2) to find like-minded individuals who will collaborate with you on femtech projects, (3) to come to a consensus on the most pressing femtech problems and solutions, (4) to get a small taste of design thinking and UI UX design.

The purpose of this session is NOT...(1) to start building solutions right away, (2) think of this as a starting point only! It takes time and effort to validate each of the ideas we develop in this brainstorming session.

You would need to use additional design methods to validate ideas: UX interviews, stakeholder interviews, more ideation sessions, focus groups, generating business models, monetization strategy, marketing strategy.

We hope you leave this session feeling like you can make an impact on the world.We hope you leave this session feeling empowered to act on your ideas!We hope you leave this session with a different perspective than you started. Allow yourself to change your mindset as you rethink your ideas.

What’s the purpose of ideation workshops?

(1) To bring people with different POVs together: Executives across the sales, marketing, customer success, tech, design and more.

(2) To get them to agree on priorities: What’s the product roadmap? What are some high impact, low effort initiatives the organization can tackle?

To learn more about UX UI design, design thinking, and UX strategy please visit our website wwww.ideatelabs.co. We provide free UX resources and workshops. We offer intensive UX UI courses to land you your first UX job or help you position yourself as a UX lead.

More about the founders of Ideate Labs:

Samaya Sinha: Self-identifies as a cat lady. Obsessive about modern dance and acoustic guitar. Has over 6 years of professional experience working with startups, consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and in-house initiatives. Mentors startups and runs design thinking workshops for Wharton's Venture Lab. Runs her own 'pet project' called Pawsitive.

Khrys Oros: Self-identifies as a cool mom. Obsessive about healthy cooking and slow fashion. Currently a Senior UX Designer with Walmart Finance and has over 6 years of experience working for startups and in-house at large corporations. Teaches UX design courses at Drexel University. Runs a nonprofit dedicated to funding Ukrainian student education, the Luka Oros Scholarship.
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