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Hey everyone, after a long break i'm finally back - and opening 2022 with a new tutorial series: Feature Focus.

In this series i'll be taking a specific feature, element or widget in Elementor - experiment with it, take it to the limit and share the process and results with you here on this channel.

For this tutorial I decided to focus on Elementor's new Transform feature, combining it with different widgets and exploring hover effects and animations. I created a page full of animation examples that you can download, explore and use yourselves.


In case you're new here - Welcome!
I'm Mordi from eifeed.com - an Elementor Design Inspiration Website curating the best Elementor sites from around the world, helping you find web design inspiration for your next projects.

I create experiments in Elementor as a part of my inspiration process, and I share them with you on this channel as step-by-step tutorials, with JSON files free for you to use in your own Elementor web design.


Live Demo

Download the JSON files


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