FCTT Webinar 9: "Best Practices for Your Most Organized Survey"

Over the last 10 years, the focus on documentation has continually increased resulting in many varied findings for facilities. During Document Review, you may even get additional findings added to your survey that meet the leadership areas. This webinar focuses on the best practices utilized in your field and gives examples of how to minimize findings by approaching document review in a different manner.

*This is not an ASHE accredited webinar for continuing education credit.

Speakers include:
*Lance Woolf - MBA, CHSP, Former Joint Commission Surveyor & Director of Life Safety Compliance at Soleran
*Clarence Jones - Director of Facilities Management at Atrium Health
*Christopher Kolbash - Facilities Management Leader at Atrium Health
*Clayton Smith - Vice President of Facilities Operations at Children’s Health

In this webinar, you will learn:
*Specific examples provided by a former Joint Commission Surveyor regarding best and worst practices.
*How specific organizations approached their surveys in a manner that resulted in no findings during document review.
*Some of the challenges experienced during the transition and how long the process took to transfer over documentation to 100% electronic
*Process of transferring over to electronic documentation within their health network & running a virtual survey.

Topic Chapters:
0:00 Intro
3:13 Housekeeping Items
3:53 Surveyor's Perspective
13:30 Electronic Life Safety Compliance Books
37:55 How to Effectively Manage A Virtual Survey
47:24. Q&A
58:22 Closing Remarks

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