FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job

Learning HTML, CSS and Javascript is not enough to become a Web Developer. In this video we will cover:
1. How to learn front end web development
2. How to learn back end web development
3. How to become a full stack web developer
4. How to learn React, Tailwind, Express, MERN, MongoDb
5. How to become a Software Engineer

► FREE resources:
↳ Front end development
1. HTML:
2. CSS:
3. Javascript:
4. Tailwind Documentation:
6. Tailwind tutorial:
7. Intro to React:
8. React Basics:
9. React Tailwind Project by Traversy Media:
10. Linkedin clone with React:

↳ Back end development
1. NodeJS with Express and MongoDb by Traversy media:
2. Express documentation:

↳ Full stack development
1. WhatsApp clone:

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