Experience research, holistic approach to qualitative and quantitative methods

This episode will deep dive into the topic of supporting your business and product decisions and plans by a holistic approach to experience research. Seema Swamy, our guest, will share her vast experience and knowledge on how you can use various qualitative and quantitative methods to improve the team's awareness of your customer's actions. We will discuss leveraging different research approaches for hypothesis validation, understanding the reasons, and driving product roadmaps to deliver a market-winning value.

Join us if you are interested in:
- knowing what big players do around the research field to build winning products,
- learning how to juggle qualitative and quantitative methods to get the best results,
- understanding why good quality data is crucial for your product and business,
listening to real examples from a research practitioner.

This meeting will have a form of a discussion and will be in English. We will share a link to a Youtube stream just before the meeting..

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About How2Product
We are talking to practitioners about how to define, develop, grow and retire digital products. You can expect to learn about good practices, what to avoid, and how the practice can differ from theory when working with a product. This season, we are talking with industry practitioners about research in digital products. Together with our guests, we will talk about logistics, different ways of conducting studies, observation interpretation, and insights distribution inside the team and the entire organization.
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