Everything You NEED to Know as a Freelance Developer

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I'm not a freelance developer, so I invited one to talk about his experience. This is Tim Noetzel, a freelance web developer. We discuss everything from positioning yourself in the market, to pricing, to deal structure, and everything in between.

0:00 Intro
1:59 Introducing Tim Noetzel
3:32 Is Freelance Development for YOU?
6:25 The Business Side
8:27 A Day in the Life of a Freelance Developer
11:50 Challenges as a Freelancer
15:25 MONEY - How Much Do Freelance Developers Make?
17:59 Tim's Biggest Piece of Sales Advice
18:31 Common Misconceptions of Freelancing
20:10 How Do You Find Clients?
25:04 The Pricing Structure
30:35 The Deal Structure & Contracts
31:58 The Inconsistency of Income
36:29 Thanks for Watching!!


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