Evans Putman Tells All About FlowChat

In this video, "Evan Putnam tells all about FlowChat".

Evans is a total STUD when it comes to podcasting.

Evans has mastered high ticket sales.

He shares secrets with a high ticket podcast interview style that works EXTREMELY well with b2b sales.

Now with the backbone of FlowChat and the Sales Ascenders Sales training, Evans is unstoppable.

Tune in and listen as he shares how the Sales Ascenders framework applies to his podcasting super powers.

His track record of helping his clients close high ticket deals has continued to grow exponentially and his sales techniques are now nearly flawless.

Tune in to the business development, and sales techniques that will allow you to sell like crazy!

If you'd like to learn how to create, sell and scale your premium products and programs with an evergreen high ticket podcast sales funnel, then Evans is your man!

Get going over his way by clicking here: https://www.dreamclientsforlife.com/ (web)


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Happy selling!


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