[Eurographics 2022] View Dependent Decompression for Web-based Massive Triangle Meshes Visualization

Here is the presentation of our poster for EUROGRAPHICS 2022.

We introduce a framework extending an existing progressive compression-decompression algorithm for 3D triangular meshes. First, a mesh is partitioned. Each resulting part is compressed, then joined with one of its neighbors. These steps are repeated following a binary tree of operations, until a single compressed mesh remains. Decompressing the mesh involves progressively performing those steps in reverse, per node, and locally, by selecting the branch of the tree to explore. This method creates a compact and lossless representation of the model that allows its progressive and local reconstruction. Previously unprocessable meshes can be visualized on the web and mobile devices using this technique.

EUROGRAPHICS 2022, is the 43rd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, it is taking place on April 25 − 29, 2022. It is organized by the Research Unit of High-Performance Computing and Graphics at University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. EUROGRAPHICS 2022 is a unique platform for the computer graphics community to showcase the latest techniques and educational work, and to explore new trends and ideas.

Poster links : https://diglib.eg.org/handle/10.2312/egp20221015
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