Ethical Hacking Complete Course - 04 Network Administration

In this lecturer, you will learn Monitoring Transmitted Data, Intrusion detection systems, Why are firewalls and NDIS not enough, Wireshark - analyzing network traffics, Analyzing Captured data, analyzing telnet protocol, Intrusion detection & Scanning computers.

0:00:07 Computer Network Administration & Mistakes you must avoid
0:01:14 Monitoring Transmitted Data
0:22:44 Monitoring Data Traffic with Wireshark

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✅About This Course:
This course is designed to introduce these concepts and the real-world tactics that hackers use so that you can protect yourself and your network.
This course is ideal for everyone, regardless of their skills and expertise. The arrangement and presentation of learning resources will let both novices and more advanced students broaden their knowledge of IT security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

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Title: Hacking in Practice Certified Ethical Hacking MEGA Course
Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: IT Security Academy

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