Essential Web Design Tools in 2021 | Oleksandra Kyrychenko | POWERCODE IT company

Finally, businesses pay much attention to UI/UX design. Every website, application, and any other web and mobile solution needs an individual design that will be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. And today, Powercode's leading web designer Oleksandra Kyrychenko will tell you what tools, skills, and sources a modern designer needs to create powerful and successful designs.

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0:00 INTRO
0:23 POWERCODE & Oleksandra Kyrychenko
1:53 Figma
4:10 Sketch
5:28 Adobe Photoshop
7:20 Adobe Illustrator
7:48 Zeplin
8:40 Balsamiq
9:19 Figma Jam
10:24 Unsplash
10:50 Find and Replace
11:23 Fints Ninja
11:47 SVG Grabber
12:16 Communication with the customer1
14:56 CoralDRAW
16:23 Adobe Acrobat
17:27 Presentations
18:14 Useful sites for the designer
21:38 Where to get inspiration for a design
24:08 Tips for the novice designer
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