Esports Graphic Design -- how does a beginner start out professional? [IGEAS 2021]

Graphic design is a vital skill that competitive gaming media professionals use to work as either freelance or full-time content creators. In this panel, learn from working esports graphic pros about the reality of growing this career path.

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Vincent Auriemmo https://twitter.com/urns_is_dead
Monica Nguyen https://twitter.com/nerdstreet
Dan Pham https://twitter.com/goodfaithactor
John Williams https://twitter.com/typograph1c
Fay Ma https://twitter.com/6ARKS

IGEAS 2021 is Inven Global’s second annual Esports and Academia Summit -- www.invenglobal.com/igeas. IGEAS is a networking event that connects academic and collegiate esports pioneers with working esports professionals across 3 days. Each day focuses on a different door into the esports industry: people and business, esports contenders, and media creatives.
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