Episode 95 - Alliances and Partnerships with Gitlab's Nima Badiey

Nima leads the Alliance team at Gitlab responsible for partnerships with Hyper-scalers, Cloud Operators, Platform Providers and ISV Partners. His role encompasses strategy, recruitment and go to market success with a growing team of partners. He is a 20+ year veteran of the computer industry with various leadership roles at Google, Pivotal, VMware, Joyent, SixApart, Flickr, Deloitte, Sun Microsystems and Boeing. Nima is a graduate of Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCLA with degrees in Engineering and Business.

In this episode Nima Badiey shares his journey, career tips and tricks, and ultimately technical alliances leadership at its finest

00:00 - Opener
00:14 - Intro to Nima Baidey
00:31 - Nima's Journey
03:20 - How networking is a huge part of career success
12:11 - What are good partnerships, or ones that don't work as well
15:22 - What is Nima's definition of Empathy?
17:35 - The democratization of open source
24:41 - The Culture at gitlab
30:04 - The Nuances of Alliances... What are the different alliances out there?
40:05 - AWS re:invent and building alliances at large events
44:47 - What work in Nima's career is he most proud of?
46:16 - Interlude - Gitlab's IPO Congrats!

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