Ep 35 - How to Balance UX & SEO in Website Design

It’s no secret, there is an ongoing battle between SEO and website user experience (UX), as each discipline considers its own priorities when it comes to web design. After all, you want your site to be full of content and keywords to help search engines find you, but you also want your site to be easy to navigate and to convert visitors to patients.

Is there a happy medium? Is there a way to balance these two marketing disciplines? The answer is YES. Our hosts, CEO, Alex Membrillo, SVP of Performance Marketing, Rich Briddock, and Director of SEO, John McAlpin discuss how UX and SEO marketers can work together to create compelling websites that rank highly in Google and drive more conversions.

Wondering how SEO and CRO can work together to improve your website as a whole? Tune in to this episode of Ignite!

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