Email Password Login using firebase | Html,css and js

Email Password Login using firebase | Html , css and js

Hi guys, In this video we gonna see how can we add sign up and login features in our website using Firebase. Firebase is a Google's service which is easy and free to use and have a lot of awesome features. You can host your website, authenticate website, create database for website and much more using firebase. And best thing with firebase is that you just need to have a good knowledge of JavaScript to access all these features.

Source Code:

Firebase Website:
⌚Time Stamps:
⭐00:00 - Preview
⭐00:15 - What is Firebase ?
⭐03:46 - Setting up files
⭐04:45 - creating Sign Up form
⭐08:10 - Using Firebase
⭐15:25 - Sign Up Function
⭐22:35 - creating Login form
⭐26:20 - Sign In function
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