Email Marketing in 2022 | Future of Email Marketing | Insights and Predictions from WebFX

Email marketing can help you communicate directly with an engaged audience, but you have to keep up with changes in the industry to continue generating results. Emily Carter, a web marketing consultant at WebFX, shares what's changing in the email marketing landscape and how you can adapt your strategy to stay ahead of the game.

Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // Introduction to the future of email marketing
00:00:18 // Apple privacy updates
00:01:03 // Tip 1 - Conduct A/B tests
00:01:18 // Tip 2 - Clean your email list
00:01:31 // Email personalization overview
00:01:50 // Tip 3 - Connect your CRM and customer data to your emails
00:02:10 // Mobile email users
00:02:19 // Tip 4 - Pay attention to mobile email design
00:03:20 // Conclusion

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