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Learn how to start building apps and websites without code. You don’t need to be a programmer to launch a website or app.
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Want to learn how to build apps and websites with no code? This is the video for you. In today’s video, Brad Hussey and Darren Alderman cover a workshop all about how to launch with no code. You’ll learn how to build a site with Editor X and how to use Glide for making an app. Both software platforms don’t require any programming knowledge or coding. You’d be surprised how many websites and apps are built on no code tools like these.

Historically, building for the web with no code didn’t exist. If you want to build a website or app, it was required that you at least have some coding knowledge. After all, drag and drop website builders didn’t always exist! Today, you can learn how to design apps with no code and how to design websites with no code easily. Editor X and Glide are some of the top no code tools out there, and with some practice they’re not hard to use either. By the end of this no code development workshop, I hope you’ll consider launching your own idea with either the same no code developing tools we cover in this video, or similar ones.

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