ECCK IPR Conference 2021 Part 1

Hosted and organized by the ECCK, the 9th edition of IPR Conference was held successfully on October 18, 2021. Held online through Zoom, this year’s IPR Conference was co-hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and supported by NAM & NAM and Hoffmann Eitle.

Intellectual property rights (IPR), which mainly include copyrights, trademarks, patents, and industrial designs, refer to the rights to intangible creations of the human intellect. Among these, trademark is a crucial right in that it can protect the brand identity and gain consumer credit by distinguishing one's unique trademark from others. Nonetheless, many counterfeit goods are produced in order to get a free ride and benefit from this long-standing brand reputation, which not only significantly undermines the brand value, but also deceives consumers by misleading them to believe that counterfeit products are genuine.

According to studies jointly conducted by EUIPO and OECD, the global trade in counterfeit products reached EUR 414 billion in 2019, which accounts for 2.5% of the total world trade. The distribution of counterfeit goods not only hinders economic development, but also leads the public and consumers to a false perception, as providing them low quality products can create confusion and threaten their safety. Due to the pandemic situation, the number of virtual transactions has increased, notably through the Internet and online platforms. Therefore, many trademark owners and online platforms are striving to prevent the transactions of counterfeit products through ecommerce platforms, social media, and fraudulent web domains.

For this year’s IPR Conference, numerous IPR experts from Korea and overseas are invited to introduce the current situation, the new trends of counterfeit goods, and the efforts to prevent counterfeit products in public and private sectors, and to discuss constructive and practical ways of anti-counterfeiting in the future.
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