EBV - Future UX: Designing dynamic experiences with AI-driven design

Future UX: Designing dynamic experiences with AI-driven design
No user journey is ever the same – why should user experiences be always the same? User journeys are highly dynamic: They change fast and constantly based on changing needs, habits and contexts. E-Commerce experiences need to be as dynamic, personalised and unique as these journeys. AI-based tools can assist and automate the creation of highly dynamic experiences, to address users on their individual journeys. But how can we use machines to design experiences for humans? The presentation will show, how we can seize the opportunities of this change as ux professionals, e-commerce experts and decision makers. It will show how user experiences of the future can be designed today (and tomorrow).

Dr. Christian Kahl
User Experience Lead CyberSolutions

Christian is responsible for UX at CyberSolutions - the E-Commerce Enabler company of the Hubert Burda Media Group. In this role, innovation is a key element to create unique and sustainable user experiences. Christian benefits from his versatile experience as a researcher, UX expert, startup-enthusiast, passionate gamer, and (not least) techno musician and DJ. Areas, where new technologies and continuous innovation always played a vital role.
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