Easy Web Design Solutions for Codeless — Codeless Case Study

Codeless is a content production company founded by Brad Smith. They’ve been around for six years and have grown very quickly in that time. Codeless produces about 250 long-form articles a month for companies of different sizes and often needs graphic design to accompany their content projects.

The ManyPixels designers provide a range of options and alternatives when the Codeless team doesn’t have a specific vision in mind, which helps them reiterate and crystalize some ideas and get their projects across the finish line.

Brad enjoys the diversity of the ideas and options they get and says he’s surprised by the quick turnaround. He recommends ManyPixels for the affordable price and good return of investment in time and cost of alternatives. By using ManyPixels’ services combined with developers’ services, they managed to do website projects initially budgeted for $20-30 thousand, for just $10 thousand.
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