Dubsado Tutorial: How to Book a Lead Call from Your Website

Project Manager & Certified Dubsado Specialist Kate Hutcheson gives a beginner's tutorial to set up Dubsado and have leads book a consultation call directly from your website.

Have questions about Dubsado? Contact me here: https://theefficientcreative.com/contact/

Want help with your Dubsado build? I can do that. https://theefficientcreative.com/work-with-me/dubsado-setup-services/

00:00 Intro
01:06 Basic Process Steps
01:45 Process Steps In Dubsado
02:15 Checklist: Before You Build
03:34 How to Edit the Dubsado Lead Form Template
04:56 How to Edit the Appointment Confirmation and Reminder Emails in Dubsado
07:25 How to Sync Your Calendar with Dubsado
08:16 Syncing, Importing, and Exporting Your Calendar with Dubsado
09:48 How to Build Out the Discovery Call Scheduler in Dubsado
18:49 How to Embed the Dubsado Scheduler in a Website
20:02 Resize the Dubsado Form for Your Web Page
21:31 Previewing the Dubsado Embedded Scheduler
22:14 Tips for Testing Your Dubsado Setup
23:14 Custom Dubsado Setups from The Efficient/Creative
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