Doing What's in Front of You

Some thoughts on dealing with rejection, continuing to work regardless of what's going on in the world, and doing what's in front of you. I also demonstrate a Ribbon Rose and how to make a Bullion Tendril using a couple different threads.
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After graduating from Parsons School of Design, I began my career in fashion design and freelanced both in New York City, as well as London. I designed hand knits for Elle Magazine and was the editor of the Hand Knit Page before hand knits fell out of fashion in the early 1990's and the page was discontinued. In 2008 I launched my jewelry design business, designing fine jewelry in 18 & 20 Kt Gold with gemstones that I hand select for each piece. Several awards and numerous write ups & interviews in all kinds of magazines and online zines, I rediscovered hand stitching and my life took another turn. I have been designing in some form since I sold my first felt embroidered xmas tree ornaments to a small shop in Northern California when I was 16 years old, and have never looked back. And while I've had detours along the way: had two children, worked at an advertising agency, got into acting in my early 20's, published some articles for various magazines and wrote for the Huffington Post for a few years, I have always come back to designing. It is my first love and remains so to this day.

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All jewelry worn in this video are designed by Ariane Zurcher available at:

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