Does a hyperlink apply to text only? Is hyperlink is applicable only in text explain? hyperlink HTML

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HTML CSS Interview Questions and Answers | HTML CSS Tutorials for beginners Live code explanations


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1. What is the difference between a block-level element and an inline element?
2. Is it possible to change an inline element into a block level element?
3. Are the HTML tags and elements the same thing?
4. What are Attributes and how do you use them?
5. What is the ‘class’ attribute in HTML?
6. What is the difference between the ‘id’ attribute and the ‘class’ attribute of HTML elements?
7. Name some common lists that are used when designing a page.
8. Does a hyperlink only apply to text?
9. How to specify the link in HTML and explain the target attribute?
10. How do you create text on a webpage that allows you to send an email when clicked?
11. What is SVG?
12. How many types of CSS can be included in HTML?
13. Describe HTML layout structure.
14. What is the difference between strongb tags and emi tags?
15. What is the significance of head and body tag in HTML?
16. Can we display a web page inside a web page or Is nesting of webpages possible?
17. What are the HTML tags used to display the data in the tabular form?
18. How is Cell Padding different from Cell Spacing?
19. How can we club two or more rows or columns into a single row or column in an HTML table?
20. What is the difference between “display: none” and “visibility: hidden”when used as attributes to the HTML element?
21. Difference between link tag link and anchor tag a?
22. What are forms and how to create forms in HTML?
23. What are some of the advantages of HTML5 over its previous versions?
24. How can we include audio or video in a webpage?
25. Is the data list tag and select tag same?
26. Is drag and drop possible using HTML5 and how?
27. What is new about the relationship between the header and h1 tags in HTML5?
28. What is the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML?
29. What is the purpose of using alternative texts in images?
30. Is the DOCTYPE html tag considered as a HTML tag?
31. What is the hierarchy that is being followed when it comes to style sheets?
32. What is the Box model in CSS? Which CSS properties are a part of it?
33. What are the different types of Selectors in CSS?
34. What is VH/VW (viewport height/ viewport width) in CSS?
35. What is the difference between inlineinline-blockand block?
36. Is it important to test the webpage in different browsers?
37. How do you specify units in the CSS?. What are the different ways to do it?
38. Does margin-top or margin-bottom have an effect on inline elements?
39. How is border-box different from content-box?
40. What is an image map?
41. How do you create links to sections on the same page?
42. What if there is no text between the tags or if a text was omitted by mistake? Will it affect the display of the HTML file?
43. What is a marquee?
44. Tell me two benefits of HTML5 Web Storage
45. Draw a circle using CSS?
46. Which one of [IDclass] selector has higher priority?
47. How would you use media queries in a mobile-first approach?
48. Explain the term Responsive web design.
49. Q. What are the standard media queries used in current trends for mobile technology?
50. How can we add icons to the web page?
51. Define ‘important’ declarations used in CSS.
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does a hyperlink only apply to text justify your answer with an example
only text can act as a hyperlink in html
which html tag is used to scroll a text in a web page
what is a hyperlink
write a html program to design a form which should allow to enter your personal data
an internal link links a web page to another page or resource on the same website.
can a single text link point to two different web pages
do all tags come in a pair

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HTML interview questions and answers
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