Divi Chat Episode 247 - Software Licensing: How to Handle this in Your Web Design Business

Our lives revolve around software licenses. How do you handle this in your business? You need access to your clients' accounts, but you don't want to always foot the bill. Should you handle renewals (with a little markup for your trouble, of course!) or give them access to the accounts?

What if you sell plugins or themes? How do you control the licensing?

Join the panel as we chat about all of these different aspects of licensing.


Hosts Present:
Sarah Oates - https://endure.com.au/
Mike Devitt – https://webdesignpro.co/
Tim Strifler – https://divilife.com/ & https://wpgears.com/
Eric Dingler – https://intransitstudios.com/ & https://diviagencycoach.com/


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