Digital value communication tools: How to meet the needs of your internal stakeholders and customers

Our experts in health economics, value communication, design and digital discuss how to craft digital payer value communication tools to meet the needs of internal stakeholders, including market access teams and KAMs, and healthcare customers.

Using our updated Digital Value Communication Tool Demo as a case study, our panellists explain how we craft our tools to meet the needs of three key groups:

1) Those who commission the tools – e.g. market access, brand and commercial leaders
2) The end-users – e.g. key account managers
3) The audience – e.g. payers and other healthcare decision-makers

Following a live run-through of our demo tool, host presenter Emily Mair asks representatives from our health economics (Anthony Bentley), value communication (Lydia Crowe), design (Ryan Booth) and digital (Rob Pitt) teams:

- Why do you think it is so important to consider the perspectives and needs of the three key groups we mentioned (the owner, the end user and the intended audience) when developing local payer communication tools?

- How do we ensure that our tools align with the owner's (market access manager's) business and personal objectives?

- How do we factor in the Key Account Manager's perspective through our project process?

- How do we ensure tools will resonate with the end audience of healthcare decision makers and payers?

Questions from the audience:

- How do we respond to specific client needs with these tools, when more creative ideas are needed?

- What are the vital elements of a Value proposition to our payers right now?

- How do you manage the complex internal approval processes for digital materials
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