Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 - Be Ready

Discover in this video, the digital marketing trends for 2022, a quick review over 2021 trends as well as some of our resources to help you prepare for the next year.

2021 Year in Review

1. User Generated Content
User Generate Content has increased dramatically in 2021 due to quarantine and social distancing.

Content promoted by followers on social receives 28% more engagement than standard company posts.

2. Enhanced Ecommerce
Social commerce has proven to optimize the shopping experience. A new breed of tools has made it easier for shops to take their catalog online and sell on social media, in just a few hours.

3. Featured Snippets
Zero-click search results show all critical information without having to click on the page to discover what value or insights they can retain.

SEO practitioners should optimize all their pages and video content to reach this position and over rank competitors.

4. Live Events
COVID has been a major stimulant for the increased usage of live videos across different channels, thus a variety of industries in the B2B or B2C space have started leveraging this feature.

5. Smarter Bidding
Automated bidding has replaced manual bidding to drive qualified leads and maximize conversions. Examples of bid strategies in 2021, were Maximize Conversions, Enhanced CPC, and Target CPA.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

1. More Emphasis on Customer Experience
Providing a successful customer experience CX has undoubtedly become one of the most important factors in differentiating your brand from your rivals.
Customers expect a great experience across all the channels they use and what it takes to deliver a great quality on all their touchpoints is never complicated.

2. Rise of first-party cookie
With the increased necessity of protecting customer’s data and ensuring a meaningful privacy especially after GDPR and CCPA took effect, third-party cookie through which marketers used to collect customers data from external websites or domains are fading away.
Safari and Apple have already started blocking third-party cookie, and it’s expected that in 2022, Google Chrome will follow them.

3. More Branding Trends
Each year, you may expect new trends in branding and design that you need to be aware of in order to identify which of these emerging trends your business must tap into.
Branding shapes the personality of your brand and allows you to create a unique selling point that makes you stand out from your competitors in the market. A proper branding boosts your customers' engagement and grabs the attention of your prospects.

4. Building engaged communities
Aside from business pages that you have on Facebook and/or LinkedIn, creating specific groups on these channels is an additional benefit to boost your brand awareness and engagement.
The great advantage of publishing posts in groups is that all members will get notified.
What also characterizes communities from general business pages on social media and based on our experience is that building momentum is easier since groups are more focused around a particular purpose in mind.

5. More AI and predictive modeling
According to a survey conducted by PwC, out of 1000+ companies located in the United States, 52% have accelerated their adoption plans in artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence has been used in the recent few years by different companies in various industries such as airline, banking, hospitality, marketing automation, healthcare, ecommerce and more.

6. Product lead marketing: Partnership and integrations
The problem that many customers face is falling into the headache of using different apps together while still looking for features that these apps don’t provide which in turn requires them to pay more. Customers want their life to be much easier.

7. CTR to take over open rates in email marketing
With Apple's Mail Privacy Protection that will block invisible pixels used to let email marketers determine their recipients’ open rate, this metric is going to become less reliable and would lead them to focus on other email marketing KPIs that are more realistic such as click through rate, conversions and list growth rate.

8. Live event monetization
In 2022, you will notice more brands monetizing their live and online events. The reason is that such strategy creates a new revenue stream which is recommended especially after the massive loss that brands from a variety of industries have been facing due to the pandemic since 2020 .

9. More anonymity across the board
Privacy is obviously becoming one of the most arising topics across the world. Since a significant number of people stated that their data is not being used properly by tech companies, new and stricter regulations have been imposed to protect user’s privacy and force businesses to be as transparent as possible regarding the way they manage their customers' information.

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