Digital Health Trends 2022 - Live Q&A with The Medical Futurist

Join this live Q&A to learn more about the most important trends driving digital healthcare innovation and transformation in 2022 and beyond!

About this event
The world of medical innovations is complex and diverse, full of promising technologies but also hype and marketing. Overhyped technologies that fail to deliver diminish the public’s trust in such visionary solutions.

On the other hand, technologies surrounded by a healthy level of excitement can help create hope that certain technologies will indeed improve care, the patient-physician relationship and take medicine to the next level.

Following the great feedback we received for our recent infographic, The Medical Futurist published a new Book, the "Hype Cycle Of The Top 50 Emerging Digital Health Trends".

In this live Q&A, Dr. Meskó will share the most important insights from this research:

Technologies with significant progress: These trends & technologies will have a large impact on healthcare and are going through major progress right now. Examples: 3D printing drugs, Portable diagnostics devices, DIgital health insurance

Technologies with moderate progress: These technologies have promise, however, with our current technological knowledge, we can't expect their overnight success. Examples: Medical drones, Exoskelotons, Robots in hospitals

Technologies with little to no progress: These might be great concepts on paper, but they lack proper science and research to back up their technology, and we can't expect advancements ahead in the foreseeable future. Examples: Longevitiy research, Remote care apps, Robot companions

Join this live Q&A and bring your questions regarding current and future trends and how digital technologies are reshaping healthcare. As an extra benefit, you'll also be amongst the first people to see 2 new infographics we're publishing in December :)
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