Difference Between UI vs UX Design vs Graphic Designer vs Front End Developer

Welcome, Difference between UI Design vs Ux vs Front End Developer vs Graphic Designer in Hindi. What is the difference between UI and UX Developer? UI/UX Designer: The main focus of these designers are to do research work about the current app or website that they are designing keeping in mind the following:-

The competitors in the market
The Business goals of the clients
The user's needs and their feelings while they use the product.
There is a small misconception that UI/UX Designers’ main work is to design kinds of stuff in popular software like Photoshop and Sketch. But it’s not. There work is to meet the retirements mentioned above for the success of the product in the market. Designing comes after all the research work and analytics has been completed.

With this data, designers create Wireframes, known as low fidelity designs. They are easy and fast to design and are mostly use for showing the stakeholders the idea and user journey of the App. After this, they move to High Fidelity design, with a complete replica of the App designed in Photoshop or Sketch. These designs are a prototype for a Usability test and to convey the idea to developers about the App.

Developers: Here comes the role of the developer. After the prototype process, the User Interface of the App is converted into codes. The developers use the XML file in Android app programming for giving the design life. After this, the backend works start of connecting the frontend to the database.

So, basically the work of developers to bring the idea and designs into reality by coding them. Designers work simultaneously with the developers to provide essential needs like the hex code color used, the size of images, etc.

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