Diagnose and Fix UX/UI Problems

You don't need to be a designer to catch and fix issues with an app's UX and UI. In this episode, Ceara Crawshaw will teach us how to identify common problems in interfaces — and how to solve them!

00:00:00 Guest introduction
00:03:44 How did the world of science overlap with UX?
00:07:28 Getting over design as magic fears
00:11:11 How did you arrive at the toolkit you use?
00:16:10 What's the first thing I should do?
00:16:42 Step away from the computer
00:22:28 Figma prototyping
00:26:19 Information architecture
00:29:03 Keeping consistent terminology across your app is hard
00:34:20 Visual hierachy and UI
00:41:48 Check for one off design elements
00:43:16 Interactions
00:46:48 Working through an error example
00:52:42 Designing an error state
00:59:59 Welcome
01:00:40 Don't create landmines for users
01:03:49 How long do you iterate on something before moving on?
01:03:49 There is a trap
01:09:02 Success example scenario
01:22:57 How can we learn more?


- https://pencilandpaper.io/labs/ux-skills-for-developers-course/

- https://pencilandpaper.io/

- https://pencilandpaper.io/articles/ux-pattern-analysis-enterprise-data-tables/

- https://www.learnwithjason.dev/build-your-own-design-system

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- Netlify (https://lwj.dev/netlify)
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- Auth0 (https://lwj.dev/auth0)

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