Designing A path to become A UI/UX Researcher w/ Ruqayyah Yaro - (EP. 9)

0:00 - Intro
2:43 - How did you complete the Google UX/UI Designer certificate in 2 months?
4:51 - Did you complete your portfolio before or after completing the course?
5:27 - Was the course challenging for you?
8:09 - What's the difference between graphic design and UX design?
9:22 - Why UX design? What made you choose this path?
10:25 - What design tools do you use in your day-to-day work?
10:56 - Which tool is your favorite, and why?
12:41 - The importance of UX design when it comes to mobile apps.
13:25 - Do you analyze user design during normal activities?
14:32 - What sets UX design apart from other design disciplines?
17:47 - Tips for keeping your skills sharp.
18:46 - How do you balance being a Soc. Media Manager and UX Designer?
21:44 - The UX job market in Nigeria.
23:59 - How are you balancing school and being a UX designer?
25:23 - What is the easiest part of being a UX Designer?
26:10 - Is there a large UX community in Nigeria? Where is it based?
27:15 - Have you thought about making your own app?
28:02 - Do you know any programming languages?
29:05 - Advice for aspiring UX Designers.
31:20 - Did you use any other resources other than the Google course?
31:50 - Book recommendations.
31:21 - What’s next for you?
35:16 Tech Titan
36:36 - Last words

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