Designer Pro course | Become an all-round designer in 6 months

There are several design profiles in today's tech world, and we can broadly segment the designers into categories like Graphic Designers, UX designers, UI Designers, Interaction designers, Web designers, Motion Designers etc.

​​The responsibility of all these profiles is to build better digital products for brands.

Each of these design verticals is a separate field by itself & they offer tremendous career opportunities for freshers. Thus, how would it be if a student could learn all of these design forms in a single six-month course? Consider the design expertise she would acquire and the many employment opportunities.

Our 'Designer Pro' course has been created for those students who are incredibly passionate about designing & who want to become all-round designers.

We have divided the course into two sections: Visual Design and Motion Graphics Design.

Visual designers are the problem-solvers, whether they are working on a website, an application, games, brochures, web banners, or social media ads. They improve the visual aesthetics of the product and combine ideas and insights from graphic design, user interface design, fine art, and web design to create a unique digital product.

And from the above explanation, we understand that visual design is a hybrid of graphic design and UI design, except that visual designers do not code. However, knowing a little bit of HTML & CSS can make you stand out from the crowd.

Motion graphics design combines visual and graphic designs to create moving images. A motion graphic design is created by seamlessly integrating video, audio, text, and other visual components.

Motion designers create commercials, infomercials, corporate videos, title animations, explainer videos, motion posters, and other forms of multimedia. A Motion Graphics Designer creates animations by giving the illusion of movement to a still image or a series of still images.

In our Designer Pro course - Under the Visual Design module, we cover subjects such as Graphic design, User interface design, Web design, and the principles of User experience design. Under the Motion Graphics design module, we cover Video editing and Visual effects.

In the Designer pro course, we teach you the core concept of Visual designing & Motion graphics by working on several tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Figma, Sketch, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS3, Premiere Pro, After effects, etc.

But we know that designing is much more than learning the tools; it's about understanding customers' needs, conveying a message, building a brand, telling a story, increasing awareness, solving problems & a lot more. So, we are always looking for methods to increase the students' Creativity, Eye for detail, Adaptability, Innovative thinking, Analytical abilities, Communication, and Organisational skills, among others.

We use an academic system called SOAP, which stands for Student Output Assessment Plan, where students enrolled in the Designer Pro course are given 26 projects across a variety of tools. We would evaluate students' work and offer constructive feedback to assist them in developing a greater sense of professionalism.

The job market for designers seems to be recession-proof, and the demand for designers has increased exponentially over the past few years. Becoming a Designer could be the right career choice for students with a creative mind, but learning the right course from the right place is essential.

Choose Designer Pro course at Web D School to kick start your designing career. Kindly contact us for more details regarding the course. Thank you.
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