DesignCourse is Launched! Learn UI/UX in 2022

Published - Use coupon "LAUNCH" for $15 Off (Limited time!)
-- Finally, after 1.5 years of hard work building out a custom platform to teach UI/UX design: it's here! Most of you know I've been working on this for such a long time, but the wait is *certainly* worth it. is officially launched and ready for YOU to become a member.

At DesignCourse, you're going to gain the skills to design AND prototype great looking user interfaces for apps and websites, all within figma..

And we've built DesignCourse from scratch, which means we've been able to create custom modules that help you learn UI/UX design that go beyond just video.

So what's in this curriculum?
- Over 16 hours of video-based instruction..
- Nearly 40 interactive user interface tests where we've gamified learning UI design
- We have over a dozen of strategically placed design challenges that will test your skills in Figma.
- Every 2 weeks, you can join a live UI/UX workshop hosted by myself.
- A digital certificate of completion for those who finish the course.

Now, we've also created a program that we call Mentor. For all of the design challenges you tackle, I will personally review each one of your design submissions -- and in many cases, I will provide revisions to help you identify your weak spots. You can add on Mentor (or cancel) Mentor at any time.

In this course, you're going to learn about so many topics from UI design fundamentals, component design, interactive prototyping, animation, design systems, and so much more.

This comprehensive approach to learning UI/UX design would typically cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars -- but I've intentionally priced it low so that it's accessible to more people -- and with parity pricing, it's even more affordable to those around the world.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all become kickass designers! - Use coupon "LAUNCH" for $15 Off (Limited time!)

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