Design Systems for Enterprise - Katerina Skroumpelou and Rares Matei - Nx Conf 2021

If you are part of a large organization or team, chances are you need a design system. A combination of Nx and Storybook will make that process more efficient, more enjoyable, and definitely more scalable. Storybook helps you build "UI components in isolation". Combined with Nx and the architecture of a Nx workspace, you can have your UI libraries easily "browsable" and testable by your whole dev and UI/UX teams.
Katerina Skroumpelou - Software Engineer at Nrwl, Nx core team, GDE for Angular/Web Technologies/Google Maps platform, AngularAthens meetup and RevApp co-founder. Mentoring women into tech, speaking about the cool things I do, climbing mountains and serving cats for life. More at psyber.city.

From the faraway lands of Scotland (but without the Scottish accent), Rares works at Nrwl on NxCloud, helping teams speed up and scale their development. He enjoys learning by teaching and has Egghead.io courses on TypeScript and Reactive Programming.
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