Design Lessons--Intro, register for Game of Apps season 06! #shorts

Interested about how Designers help build tech products? Are you an artist, musician, painter, writer (or any creative type) and wonder if there's a possible career path in Tech for you?

If you are in grades 6 to 12, join us at Game of Apps, where professional Designers and Developers teach and mentor students weekly as they learn how to design and code an app.

Season 06 registration ends October 16, 2022. Sign up now!
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Game of Apps is an after-school program that empowers students with practical and life skills to help them succeed in 21st century careers. We offer both high school and a middle years programs.

High School Program: We guide high school students through the whole process of building apps from beginning to end. Local professional designers and developers mentor the students weekly and teach them how to use the same tools, techniques and processes employed in the industry while the students learn to build mobile apps. This annual program culminates in the Game of Apps championship event.

Middle Years Program: We introduce students to core coding concepts using Swift Playgrounds. The fun and supportive environment encourages all students, regardless of background or interest, to acquire coding skills that will help them in whatever future field they pursue. There are 3 levels to this program.

You may find more information on our website and social media channels. Thank you!

Instagram: @gameofapps
Twitter: @gameof_apps
YouTube: @gameofapps
Tiktok: @gameofapps


Technology Education--Product design & software development
Access to Technology for Youth--Focused outreach to under-represented groups
Team Work--Cooperation, enhancing strengths of team members, depending on one another
Life Skills--Self-esteem & self-confidence, handling adversity, establishing a strong work ethic
Partnerships--Collaboration between school districts, technology professionals and local businesses


Preparing Youth for 21st Century Careers

We are a non-profit society that helps prepare today’s youth for future careers (in technology or otherwise) by teaching them how to think critically, build empathy, and navigate complex and ambiguous problems to create value. We guide them as they put these skills into practice through building technology products, leveraging industry standard tools, and giving them valuable insights into future career options.

Core Principles

* We actively seek youth that may not be drawn naturally to technology, dispel commonly held misconceptions, and show them that a future career in technology may be a viable option.

* We assemble teams of professionals (working in local technology companies) who give back to this next generation by teaching, mentoring and sharing their experiences.

* We partner with educators and community leaders to bridge the gap in today’s technology education.
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