Design a Zola wedding website with me! - demo & deep dive

Since locking in our wedding venue, one of the very first things I did for wedding planning was to create our wedding website! And as a designer, I was very excited about this and felt a little bit (okay, maybe a lot a bit) particular about how our wedding website should be *designed*

I tried all the sites and found it to be an interesting experience. Ultimately, we landed on one to go with, but since I did all research, I figured I would share exactly how I would design a wedding website on all these various platforms.

Today, I’ve published the second video in a series of videos showing you the behind the scenes for how I would design a wedding website — this one is with Zola!

Have you recently created a wedding website? How did it go? Are you about to? What’s your thought process? Lmk what you think here in the comments.

Watch how I would design a website with The Knot: https://youtu.be/Y2WOtodchAY

Demo website (filled with hashtag fake content):

Our amazing wedding photographer, Laur Fernandez:

The best placeholder copy: http://hipsum.co

Our dog, Koda's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kods_ontheroads/


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